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The world through Logistics and Freights

Credibility and reliability is something you would be assured of at all levels of our services. At Hallmark Freights and Logistics, we are providing our customers with fast, and reliable services at low prices. 


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Africa's Largest Freights & Logistics

Service Provider.

We are dedicated to providing high quality services to our customers. Take a look below to find out what makes us the best in the Freights and Logistics industry, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.





Our Services

Take advantage of our several years of experience in the freights and logistics industry for all your needs. Learn more about our services and why we should be your preferred partner.

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Ocean Freight

Competitive transport solutions are based on customer commitment, knowledge, and experience of our personnel as well as the services of the major container carriers.

Air Freight

HallMark Air freight department together with our worldwide agent networks provides you with the best service for the most urgent shipments to destinations all over the world.

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Custom Clearance

Our experienced forwarders take care of all the documentation and procedures needed for your freight transportation, leaving you free to focus on your business. We provide fast and effective import and export customs clearance services.

Our Partners

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